Pick your own

During the Harvest Season, enjoy picking your own Apples! Here are some picking tips:

  • Buy your 11# peck bag in the Apple Lodge and hop on the wagon for a ride through the orchard. ($20 per peck)
  • People of any age may pick. Help children choose fruit that will satisfy your family.
  • Use two hands when picking. Apples in pairs or clusters will fall to the ground if you try to pick just one. If you happen to drop an apple, please pick it up. It won’t have fallen far.
  • To pick like the professionals, curl the apple a half turn and upward. This works much better than pulling or twisting. The apples “pop” right off.

Since we’re dealing with nature, the approximated picking dates are subject to change. Descriptions are generalizations. Conditions of each growing season, time of harvest, and other factors affect whether any variety possesses its described traits.